The Nitrogen Canning Machine as the Best Partner for Your Packaging Business

The freshness of food is paramount. However, oxygen though very essential for our livelihood, does not do us any justice when it comes to preserving the food freshness. Oxygen leads to development of molds, growth of yeast and also bacteria, which all are dangerous pathogens causing harm to humans. Certain foods may also undergo oxidation and this again deteriorates the quality of food.
As such, certain methods of preservation have used jars and bags. The jars and bags only prevent some of the oxygen from getting into the food. This is not good enough. That’s the reason why canning is the most preferred option for food preservation due to its capability to lock out air completely. Canned foods have a shelf life range of about 5 to 30 years; still keeping the food in an edible state over this period.
Different canning techniques have emerged over the years in a bid to take freshness to higher levels. One such technique is nitrogen canning which utilizes the Nitrogen gas. This method has various advantages over the other canning methods: It not only completely makes the cans airtight, but also keeps the food odorless. And the cans will inhibit bacteria and other microorganism growth on food. Prevents oxidation and ensures a 100 % food grade and safety.

What is Nitrogen Canning Machine?

Nitrogen canning is aided for the nitrogen canning machine. Such machines are also called can seamers.  And may be known by other names such as the Automatic Infill Nitrogen Seamer. The machines are majorly used for the canning of milk powder packaging purposes. But are not only limited to the milk powder cans. Such as: protein powder cans, coffee powder cans, and so on. They are applicable in a number of industries namely food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. If you are in the packaging business, this equipment is a must have for you. It will ensure your products are clean and of high global standards.
The equipment uses an electrical integration control and has a human-machine interface coupled with lids that load on to the system automatically, and the capability to automatically load cans. Moreover, the machine comes with an automatic vacuum and nitrogen infill function. To the environmentalists, there is no cause for alarm since the machine does a non-polluting automatic seaming. The high automation in the machine enables the working parameters to be easily selected on the user friendly screen (touch screen).
Automatic Vacuum Nitrogen Canning Machine

The features of Nitrogen Canning Machine?

The features of a nitrogen canning machine are numerous.

  1. The machine vacuum pressure and quantity of nitrogen is adjustable. It can be set manually on the machine’s touch screen for the purposes of satisfying different customer needs.
  2. The production process of the machine is also undertaken in the plexiglass chamber. The thickness of plexiglass chamber is 10mm. The machine shell made of stainless steel. It is further guaranteeing the high hygiene standards of food and drugs for compliance.
  3. Other features include a can and lid joint control device. It is ensures that the lids are only loaded when the cans are in the system. This prevents wastage and distortion of cans as it has a no-lid no-can functionality.
  4. To add to this, it has a programmable controller with a speed –adjustable conveyor belt and ease of maintenance.
  5. Onto the technical aspects, the machine boasts of a production capacity of 7-10 cans per minute. The machine weight only weighs 600 kilograms. It is good for any business, especially the working space is limited place.

If you are using cans to package, there is need to have the longest shelf life for your contents. This is the reason why as a business person, you will need to make an investment in the best canning technologies to maximize your profits and avoid wastage. You need a technology of automated and easy to use, to ensures high hygienic standards. The Nitrogen Canning Machine is the best partner for your packaging business.

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