Engineer Tony From Australia Visited Our Factory

On November 22, 2017, Engineer Tony at a milk powder production company in Australia visited to our factory to learn more about our company’s milk powder canning line and formulated the procurement plan for this stage.

The group photo of Engineer Tony and Taka ChangImage Description: The group photo of Engineer Tony and Taka Chang.

Engineer Tony detailed understanding the composition of milk powder canning line. It is including:

  1. Unscrambler
  2. Turn Cans Degauss Purging System
  3. Sterilization Channel (Twin UV Chamber)
  4. Screw Conveyor Feeder
  5. Scoop Dropping System
  6. Powder Filling System
  7. Weighing and Reject Device
  8. Vacuum Infill Nitrogen Seaming System
  9. Cans Cleaning System
  10. Date/Code Coding System
  11. Turn Cans System
  12. Dust Cover Automatic Capping System
  13. Main Control Cabinet (Transformer Included)

Engineer Tony shoot videoImage Description:Engineer Tony shoot video and interpret the powder filling system to his boss.

Taka Chang, the International Trade Manager. Described in detail the relevant information of milk powder canning line. Our strength is

  1. We are a manufacturer that can customize your needs;
  2. The Powder Filling System equipped on-line weighing and feedback system. The accuracy up to 0.1%
    (P.S.: Continuous testing of 100 cans, 1000 grams per can, error control within 1 gram.)
  3. The Vacuum Infill Nitrogen Seaming System is a three-in-one machine. It is including: Vacuum Cans, Infill Nitrogen, and seaming can. It is with the features of Humane, intelligent, high-tech.

Engineer Tony make INVOICEImage Description:Engineer Tony make INVOICE by himself.

As of the date of dispatch this news, the customer has already paid the advance payment to us.

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